Merchant Cash Advances

Why Choose a Merchant Cash Advance? Merchant cash advances provide a fast and easy alternative to the lengthy and document-intensive process of applying for a traditional bank loan.

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Why Choose a Merchant Cash Advance Over a Traditional Bank Loan?

At Elevation Capital, Merchant cash advance financing is our core product. A Merchant Cash Advance differs from the traditional bank loan in that it smoothly incorporates into your business’ day-to-day credit card receivables. It’s a simple and easy way for you to obtain business funding you need without the headache of the traditional bank loan application process.

Key Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Unlike a traditional bank loan, which requires repayment on the basis of a fixed timeframe, a merchant cash advance will be paid back through the deduction of a small percentage of your future sales. Seasonal businesses benefit from flexible repayment terms!

We understand those slow months are inevitable. The merchant cash advance is designed to keep you from being handcuffed to a hefty interest rate that seemed manageable when business was booming. In this way, your business can grow unimpeded. Once the amount borrowed has been fully deducted from sales, the transaction ends and you continue to receive one hundred percent of all sales.

What’s the difference between a Traditional Bank Loan
and a Merchant Cash Advance?

Bank Loans Merchant Cash Advance
Lengthy and time-consuming application process. Streamlined application process.
Required to submit historic tax records and/or provide collateral for approval. Tax returns or collateral not required.
Small business loan repayment plans are typically fixed term and payments may increase as interest rates rise. Focusing on cash flows, repayment terms are determined by your business’ future sales.

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